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Habitat for Humanity – Windows of Opportunity Event

The event for the Habitat for Humanity Windows of Opportunity in London, Ontario was a success! There were many, many usable items and art pieces donated for auction to raise money for the organization. Andrew Cole was present to perform with a choir, and on his own – what an amazing talent to have, and an all around humorous and easy going person to be around.

My piece ended up fetching $270 for Habitat for Humanity, which I’m overjoyed with! It is such a great feeling to help out such an organization as best I can with my time, talent, and resources.

Here are some photos I took at the event, hosted at the Delta London Armouries in downtown London.



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Habitat for Humanity – Windows of Opportunity Frame DONE!

I got out this morning and purchased some additional acid-free tape to finish putting the frame together. It has been a success! Everything is together and handed over for the gala!

Here is the final product!


Windows of Opportunity Complete Frame

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Habitat for Humanity – Windows of Opportunity Almost Complete

I had the opportunity to see and photograph all the completed projects for Windows of Opportunity today, and I must say I’m really impressed! There’s not only an amazing amount of work done, but all really well done too! There will be lots to bid on at the Gala, and a couple make me want to bid on them myself!

I’ve still been working to get my project complete and figured I was on the last day. Got all the photos done and sent to the printer yesterday. Picked them up today! I had to still trim the photos to size, cut the matte for the photos to size, piece it all together. The lock from the frame was stripped of paint and lightly sanded with sand paper and steel wool. I got two wall hangers for the rear and put them on the outside frame to hang on the wall instead of the chain that was originally attached on the top.

I’ve cleaned some of the glass and begun securing the photos to the matte, and the matte to the glass. Unfortunately I ran out of acid-free tape securing it all in place, so I will need to complete the project tomorrow once I get some more. Just need to finish securing the photos to the glass, clean the other three pieces of glass to sandwich the photos in between, and tack it all in place from behind! Almost complete!

Here it is in it’s current state (one photo was turned as tape ran out half way applying it, so I don’t want to set it in place just yet). The colour can be sen much more clearly than the previous photos and you can really start to see what the final frame will look like! The matte for the photos will actually sit behind them (can’t be too thick for fear of bending/breaking the glass), and I used a textured material like Bristol board which looks and feels really nice!



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Habitat for Humanity – Windows of Opportunity Fresh Paint

I worked a bit later this evening to get some more done on the window frame for Habitat for Humanity‘s Windows of Opportunity. With all the stripping done and wood lightly sanded I was able to get the first coat of paint on the frame. It’s a bit harder to tell the colour from these photos as it was almost 10pm and I was using a couple flood lights to light up the area I was working in. It’s a medium coloured teal that’s really nice on the eyes and a fairly neutral colour to fit on either dark or light walls.

Here it is hanging to dry in my backyard:


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Habitat for Humanity – Windows of Opportunity Paint Stripping

I was able to get out and work on the window frame I have for Habitat for Humanity‘s Windows of Opportunity Gala. I used a heavy paint stripper to remove the layers of paint and putty formed on the window. It wasn’t able to get it all off, so I used a heat gun at the end to warm up and loosen the rest of the putty holding the glass in place. A couple pieces broke so I had to get new pieces of glass – six pieces to be exact.

Here are the resulting images:



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Habitat for Humanity – Windows of Opportunity Start

I’ve recently taken on a project for Habitat for Humanity London‘s Windows of Opportunity. This is an event where local artists and businesses take doors and windows salvaged from the ReStore and turn them into one-of-a-kind furniture and decor items for the home, office or garden!

I have taken a three-pane window which will be outfitted with photographs representing London Ontario architecture as best as I can, which would be an ideal art piece for a local business to have in their office.

The event is to be held June 14th at the Delta London Armouries between 6:00-9:00pm. Tickets are $75 per person and it is a gala auction/reception with live music (Andrew Cole), food, and both live and silent auctions! Some of the sponsors include Delta London Armouries, Siskinds Law Firm, Libro Financial Group and Covenant Construction.

Here are a few photos of the frame in it’s current condition, and I hope to provide more updates as the piece gets refinished and finalized for the event.



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