Walk Around the Neighbourhood

It’s no surprise there hasn’t been many updates in while. Life gets in the way, things get busy, and my personal projects can sometimes be put on the side. As of late, I’ve gotten some additional inspiration and I’m trying to be sure to get out and do some personal shooting and get my love for the basics of photography back in my life.

I took out my camera with just my 50mm f/1.8 lens in hand late at night to keep my arsenal small and light. I didn’t want to bother with the cumbersome tripod so instead I opted to shoot handheld at 12,800 ISO at varying apertures from f/1.8-5 generally speaking. I live in Old South, London, Ontario and took a walk west to Wortley Village where there are a handful of great stores, shops, and places to eat and drink. I love the atmosphere in Wortley Village and this was a great mild quiet night to get some shots of the surrounding neighbourhood.

I decided to process these with a bit more contrast and clarity and no noise reduction to retain the great qualities that many of us were used to when shooting film.

While out on this adventure, I got additional inspiration with regards to a new personal project I wish to do, so it will be the focus of my time to come when out shooting. Sometimes all it takes is a small change or a new leaf to turn in your life to bring about these great little times that can open up so much for the future.

Some of the great places featured in these photographs are:

Idlewyld Inn & Spa
Waverley Retirement Residence
Burdock’s Dry Cleaners
Curiosities Gift Shop
Old South Village Pub
A Village Tail
Heaven Scent
Black Walnut Bakery & Cafe
Village Harvest Bakery
Tecumseh Public School
South Secondary School
Turner Drug Store
London Public Library – Landon Branch



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Luke & Katelyn’s 10 Year Anniversary

Oh wow does time ever fly!

Luke has been a life long best friend of mine, and despite his moving to Toronto to attend Ryerson University, find employment, and stay there to live, whenever we meet it’s like a day hasn’t gone by. I don’t know where anyone would be without a friend like that, I just can’t say enough good about him, his wife Katelyn, and their two wonderful children.

This year marked their 10 year anniversary. Family from all sides of the fence came to London at Springbank Park to meet and have a great day in the park under the sun. Great conversation, fun games, food and more contributed to the fantastic afternoon we all had seeing one another.

I just can’t express in words how much I love this family, and how much I will always treat them as members of my own.




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Makrostergios Family Shoot

I was honoured when I got back in touch with Joulie recently and she asked me about taking some family photos for her. I used to work for her at a previous job, and while our lives split different ways since that time it’s always nice to be able to get back in touch and get back on the same page from where we left off.

Her family is really wonderful – Kosta, her husband is a wonderful, kind, caring man and their daughter Joanna is full of energy, and a natural in front of the camera. I had no issues with her despite the cold weather, always wanting to try something new, and coming up with places and poses all on her own.

We met up around the Middlesex London Health Unit just behind the Old Courthouse and took the photos along the King St Bridge and in the playground in that area at Ivey Park.

Joulie is currently the owner of Jeppii.com which helps job seekers with finding employment.




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Kuwahara Custom-12 Road Bike

This year I picked up a used (barely) Kuwahara Custom-12 road bike. I got it to commute to work without having to wear down the off-road tires on my Trek 4500 mountain bike. This bike was a great find as it is a chromoly frame and needed very little adjustment to operate. Everything just needed some minor adjusting and oiling up and it was good to ride! The bike is very light and quick on the street.

For safety reasons, I ended up replacing the original brown-walled tires with Continental Ultra Sport tires, all black. It really cleaned up the look and gave me some nice new sticky rubber to plant on the ground without worrying about the cracking and failing of the original tires the bike came with. I also picked up a Giant Liv seat, and chopped the ends off the handlebars and reversed them for more of a bullhorn feel to them as I never use the drop bars.

Here are a couple photos I took of the bike in my backyard and driveway after the modifications.



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Jeans ‘n Classics – The Music of Annie Lennox

Jeans ‘n Classics takes the stage once again in London, Ontario at the London Convention Centre to play the music of Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics. It was a wonderful concert featuring six of the female vocalists from the Jeans ‘n Classics group with a huge range of vocals playing the songs you know.

Here Comes the Rain Again, Walking on Broken Glass, Would I Lie To You, There Must Be an Angel (Playing with my Heart) and many more were included in the sets.

This concert was supported by the Carpenters Union Local 1946 and The Tricar Group.




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Rachel McAdams at Habitat for Humanity Build

I was honoured when I was asked to be the photographer at this St. Thomas, Ontario Habitat for Humanity build. Especially so, since Rachel McAdams and her family was to appear to help out as well! The build was happening on Westlake Dr and was still at the stage of digging out the ground for the footings and foundation.

It was wonderful meeting the McAdams family – they are really a wonderful hard-working family, and really lovely to speak with.

This is the first build in St. Thomas for Habitat for Humanity, and we’re looking forward to more in the future!




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Three Lions FC vs Rockmount

Three Lions FC (LOSL) was playing an outdoor match against Rockmount at Beck Fields behind TVDSB, and since I’ve previously played with a lot of these guys, I decided to show up and get a few photos of them and to watch them play. It was a beautiful day – the sun was out and there were few distractions!




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Walk Around the Block

It was a cool night with the snow coming down. It was the day after Christmas in the evening of December 26th. I just had to get out and capture some of the beauty that this time of the season provides. I picked up my camera, tripod, lots of layers of clothing and went for a walk around the block. Came out with a few shots I really like from the school behind me, Lord Roberts PS.

A couple of them I felt was more bitting in a black and white sense, where the other two I felt were better suited in colour, both for the ambiance the one created off the school, and the other for the wonderful colour contrast it provides against the white back drop.



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Sara’s Big Knight Out (London Knights vs Barrie Colts)

On November 30th I got the chance to be a part of a huge night for a wonderful girl. Sara O’Neill is 14 years old and was diagnosed in April 2012 with an inoperable brain tumour (Brainstem Glioma). She has gone through and finished treatment to help slow down the growth but it had unfortunately failed. Every day for her counts right now, and among one of the things she has on her bucket list is the wish to see a London Knights hockey game.

I was asked by her aunt, Denise if I was available to help out by bringing my camera and getting some shots of the night to remember. Of course I said yes, as I love helping out where possible with friends and family, and I know how important this is to all of them! It was officially called “Sara’s Big ‘Knight’ Out”. It couldn’t have been better with the London Knights winning their game against the Barrie Colts 5-3, thus making it their 13th win in a row this season!

A HUGE thank you goes out to everyone involved in making the night happen!

Denise Duncan, Sara’s Aunt, for the organization of it all.
Shmuel & Nicole Farhi of Farhi Holdings Corporation for allowing the use of their VIP area with leather couch and chairs.
triOS College for allowing Sara to do the puck drop in place of them.
Matt Bergmann and the team at Link Advertising for the signs.
Tony Why at Why Design.
Susan Britt and the team at Aboutown for allowing the use of a luxury ride for the family.
Geoff Hare, Marketing Director of the London Knights.
Dale Hunter and the entire London Knights team.



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Habitat for Humanity – Groundbreaking Ceremony at 23 Redan St

I was provided the opportunity to visit another groundbreaking ceremony for Habitat for Humanity Oxford Middlesex Elgin (HOME) today at 23 Redan St in London, Ontario. October 1st marks World Habitat Day, and for the special event, HOME had three events planned for London, St. Thomas, and Woodstock. The Tulpin family is the recipient of this lot, which will soon have a new home built on the land for their family of five.




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