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Makrostergios Family Shoot

I was honoured when I got back in touch with Joulie recently and she asked me about taking some family photos for her. I used to work for her at a previous job, and while our lives split different ways since that time it’s always nice to be able to get back in touch and get back on the same page from where we left off.

Her family is really wonderful – Kosta, her husband is a wonderful, kind, caring man and their daughter Joanna is full of energy, and a natural in front of the camera. I had no issues with her despite the cold weather, always wanting to try something new, and coming up with places and poses all on her own.

We met up around the Middlesex London Health Unit just behind the Old Courthouse and took the photos along the King St Bridge and in the playground in that area at Ivey Park.

Joulie is currently the owner of which helps job seekers with finding employment.




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Kuwahara Custom-12 Road Bike

This year I picked up a used (barely) Kuwahara Custom-12 road bike. I got it to commute to work without having to wear down the off-road tires on my Trek 4500 mountain bike. This bike was a great find as it is a chromoly frame and needed very little adjustment to operate. Everything just needed some minor adjusting and oiling up and it was good to ride! The bike is very light and quick on the street.

For safety reasons, I ended up replacing the original brown-walled tires with Continental Ultra Sport tires, all black. It really cleaned up the look and gave me some nice new sticky rubber to plant on the ground without worrying about the cracking and failing of the original tires the bike came with. I also picked up a Giant Liv seat, and chopped the ends off the handlebars and reversed them for more of a bullhorn feel to them as I never use the drop bars.

Here are a couple photos I took of the bike in my backyard and driveway after the modifications.



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