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Habitat for Humanity – Windows of Opportunity Fresh Paint

I worked a bit later this evening to get some more done on the window frame for Habitat for Humanity‘s Windows of Opportunity. With all the stripping done and wood lightly sanded I was able to get the first coat of paint on the frame. It’s a bit harder to tell the colour from these photos as it was almost 10pm and I was using a couple flood lights to light up the area I was working in. It’s a medium coloured teal that’s really nice on the eyes and a fairly neutral colour to fit on either dark or light walls.

Here it is hanging to dry in my backyard:


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Tarek and Amber’s Engagement Shoot

I had the joy of being able to photograph two great friends to congratulate their engagement. Tarek and Amber are amazing people with a lovely daughter Aleena who recently got engaged and hadn’t had any photos to celebrate the occasion.

We met at Ivey Park in London, ON on a wonderful Friday evening. This park has a lot of great features to use for back drops, as well as a kids playground and splash pad to keep the little ones entertained.

I hope to be able to do a bit more with Aleena sometime in the near future as well!


Here are the photos from the day!




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Habitat for Humanity – Windows of Opportunity Paint Stripping

I was able to get out and work on the window frame I have for Habitat for Humanity‘s Windows of Opportunity Gala. I used a heavy paint stripper to remove the layers of paint and putty formed on the window. It wasn’t able to get it all off, so I used a heat gun at the end to warm up and loosen the rest of the putty holding the glass in place. A couple pieces broke so I had to get new pieces of glass – six pieces to be exact.

Here are the resulting images:



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